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AgroBH is a landmark initiative spearheaded by the National Initiative for Agricultural Development in order to unite efforts towards the development and strengthening of the Agricultural Sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Through this curated database, NIAD hopes to assist the accomplishment of the Kingdom’s economic, social & environmental development goals; and to establish an effective agricultural sector that is compliant with the goals of the reform project of His Majesty the King and the economic vision 2030.

The aim of this Database System will be:

How can AgroBH help you?


Government Entities

AgroBH can be used as an essential tool to determine trends in the Agriculture Sector by viewing Agricultural Publications and Research, Climatology, Soil, Water and Agriculture Sector Workforce data.
Land Cover, Agricultural Zones and Agriculture Land Use Management data can also be accessed in order to make well informed high level decisions.



AgroBH is a one stop resource for credible and up to date lists and directories of Exporting Companies, Farmers and Farms and all Agro Companies that are active in the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Agricultural Sector.

AgroBH assists new investors by offering Agricultural Sector Commercial Laws, Customs Regulations and more information on the Agricultural Sectors Workforce and the Governments Support towards this sector.

Learn more about the investment process in the agricultural sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain by accessing the Bahrain Agricultural Trade & Investment Guide.



AgroBH offers a host of information that can be useful for people who  are interested in Agriculture:

Choosing Agriculture as a Career, Gardening and Compact Garden Tips, and proper Tree Care methods are some of the topics explored in the  BIGS Show Themes section.

Discover more information on Bahrain’s Public Parks and Bahrain’s Natural Environment

Learn more about how Bahrain is working on its Sustainable Development Goals in the Agricultural Sector.

See how you can apply for Government Support if you are interested in investing in this essential sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The National Initiative for Agricultural Development
The National Initiative for Agricultural Development was launched by Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Al-Khalifa, Wife of the King of Bahrain, in March 2010. As the President of the Consultative Council of the National Initiative for Agricultural Development, Her Royal Highness chairs the Consultative Council of distinguished officials from the public sector, chief executive officers of the private sector and representatives of the concerned civil society organizations. The initiative focuses mainly on protecting and developing the agricultural industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain; in addition to; creating a balance between agricultural and developed lands, with the belief that such measures are vital for the overall health of the population and the future of food security. For more information on NIAD, click here. ​

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