Greenhouses Distribution

Geographical Information System

Based on the importance of greenhouses in the Kingdom of Bahrain and with regard to the highly interest in agriculture and enhancing food security, this study was carried out to monitor the numbers and the areas of greenhouses in the Kingdom of Bahrain using high resolution satellite images and advanced spatial analysis programs equipped with features and tools used for accurate information extraction. It will enable stakeholders to make decisions based on updated information where they will be able to facilitate the monitoring process to identify violators and support farmers. The number of greenhouses and their geographical location in open areas throughout the Kingdom were counted and located in a geospatial database. The data was analyzed in detail and presented according to the top 3 areas of the greenhouses in all the governorates.

This satellite imagery basemap is default and does not relate to the actual data represented on the map.

Note: Due to the large volumes of data, some GIS maps may take a longer time to load.

Last Updated : 29 November 2022