Mangroves Distribution

Geographical Information System

In this study, mangroves were detected and the total areas were calculated using high-resolution satellite images and spatial analysis software. The mangrove trees were chosen for their environmental importance and for their various economic uses. The results of the study showed that mangroves are found in seven regions in the Kingdom: Arad Town, Tubli Bay, Nabih Saleh, Sitra Island and Aker, Ras Sanad, Sitra Industrial Area, Ras Hayyan. According to the information of the Supreme Council for the Environment, two of these areas are considered as marine protected areas. By counting the areas of the mangroves, it was found that the total areas have undergone very slight changes over the past years. According to the results of this study, it was found that most of the mangrove trees are concentrated in certain areas. This study will enable stakeholders to take appropriate decisions to protect the rest of the mangrove spread sites and work on developing plans that contribute to their increase. It will also facilitate the monitoring process to determine the development in the seven regions, which will reduce financial cost and help in improving the environmental change in the Kingdom.

This satellite imagery basemap is default and does not relate to the actual data represented on the map.

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Last Updated: 1st February 2023