Palm Tree Distribution

Geographical Information System

Based on the importance of the date palm in the Bahraini heritage on the cultural, economic and nutritional level, high-resolution spatial satellite images were used to obtain the date palm count and its accurate distribution in all governorates of the Kingdom of Bahrain. This study showed the total number of palm trees in the Kingdom of Bahrain with an indication of the state of each palm in terms of its health and its impact on environmental pressures and other influencing factors such as palm weevil and other plant diseases. Artificial intelligence, specifically deep learning, was applied using advanced algorithms, to implement automatic monitoring of all palm trees in the Kingdom of Bahrain and to show their locations stored in a geospatial database that contains the coordinates of each palm tree, the health of each palm tree, and other characteristics.

This satellite imagery basemap is default and does not relate to the actual data represented on the map.

Note: Due to the large volumes of data, some GIS maps may take a longer time to load.

Last Updated : 1st February 2023