Forever Green Campaign
Phase One

The National Initiative for Agricultural Development has completed the first phase of the national campaign for afforestation “Forever Green” the campaign succeeded in planting nearly 50,000 trees and shrubs on an area of ​​73 thousand square meters and 23 thousand linear meters. In a short period, the campaign completed 34 agricultural projects in various governorates and cities in the Kingdom, in cooperation with the Ministry of Works, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture, and the Ministry of Oil and Environment. The campaign managed to plant approximately 25,000 trees and shrubs in various governorates of the Kingdom, distributed in the four governorates with 14 sites in the Southern Governorate, 6 sites in the Northern Governorate, 6 sites in Muharraq Governorate, and 8 sites in the Capital Governorate, at a total cost of 270 thousand Bahraini Dinars funded by the private sector. The number of participations by civil society institutions and other relevant parties wishing to support the campaign reached 36 Participants with a similar amount of trees and shrubs in various cities and governorates of the Kingdom, at a total cost of more than 10,000 dinars.